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How's My Driving?
Any questions/comments/complaints about how I'm playing Tohru? Tell me here!

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Tohru Mutou | Kelpie
1st changechange | date of change & thread link
2nd changechange | date of change & thread link
3rd changechange | date of change & thread link
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Physical Changes
*means a change that hasn't happened yet)
  • Pointed ears

  • Sharp teeth (not all, mostly just canines and the teeth on either side of them, so 12 teeth in all becoming sharp)
  • *
  • Seaweed-like hair that grows faster than normal
  • *
  • Orange tint to skin

  • Nearly a foot taller than normal (Ending up ~6'8" [203.2 cm])
  • *
  • Thin stature due to growing very quickly without gaining the appropriate weight, resulting in an underweight appearance
  • *

Psychological Changes

  • Very skittish; scares easily and more likely to react violently to things if he doesn't accidentally assume horse form first*



  • Tail same color and texture as hair

More details later


  • Feet replaced with white hooves

More details later

Ryslig App

Mar. 29th, 2015 11:34 pm
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Name: Daimon
Contact: [ profile] yazooairspace
Other Characters: Luke fon Fabre

Character Name: Tohru Mutou
Age: 18/19
Canon: Shiki
Canon Point: Just after attacking Natsuno (anime episode 10, manga chapter 8)

Character Information: Tohru’s Shiki Wiki entry

Chapters from the original novel giving a little more on Tohru’s history and personality are here, and here.

Personality: Tohru is kind of like a shonen protagonist, without actually being the main character of his canon. He’s a friendly, cheerful, outgoing, and slightly oblivious young man. His demeanor is generally positive and he’s apparently charismatic enough to make friends with just about anyone without too much effort on his part. He’s sort of shonen protag-y but also sort of like a giant puppy.

Speaking of friends, we can’t talk about Tohru without discussing his friends, specifically Natsuno and Ritsuko. Natsuno considers Tohru his only friend, while Tohru simply considers him his best friend, or at least one of them. Ritsuko is a friend who Tohru has a huge possibly-requited crush on (it’s debatable whether she actually likes him or just thinks he’s adorable) and who keeps trying to teach him how to drive, with mixed results. He cares the most about those two people besides the members of his family.

For the most part, he acts the same way around Ritsuko as he does around most of his other friends, at least from what's explicitly seen--there's only two instances where they're actually seen together, and neither of them has them alone for more than a few minutes. He's possibly more polite around her because she's his crush and older than he is, but he certainly doesn't try to impress her or change his attitude to make himself look better--the longest time they're shown together, he's distracted talking to Natsuno while driving, while Ritsuko berates him multiple times for taking his eyes off the road and eventually for taking his hands off of the steering wheel.

Natsuno, he kind of friended forcefully, and then somehow remained friends with him. He frequently pokes at Natsuno’s cold personality, telling him he’s smart, ‘but [he] could stand to be nicer’, but tends to take Natsuno’s side in arguments.

He also has an apparent disdain for following certain social rules and a bit of a stubborn streak. His preferred method for greeting Natsuno is to more or less drape an arm over or around him, he attempts to hug Natsuno on at least one occasion (even after a counter-attempt to keep him at arm’s length), and he just generally does not seem to care that personal space is a thing. When he met Natsuno for the first time and Natsuno refused to give him his first name, he eventually went to Natsuno’s parents to find out instead. He also actually got to know Natsuno in the first place because he insisted on fixing the flat tire Natsuno’s bike had, refusing to let Natsuno go until said tire was fixed (but amusingly not aired up).

Tohru is also sort of a slacker. Judging from a comment made by his sister, it’s not unusual for him to skip school in favor of playing video games, or disappear into his room for days...because of video games. He’s shown to not be the greatest at driving, since he is easily distracted and unable to pay attention to the road if he’s not constantly reminded to do so. This very likely applies to schoolwork, though it’s never explicitly revealed.

It’s worth nothing that despite being friendly, he doesn’t make friends with everyone (or everyone equally, at least), and is sometimes only outwardly friendly. In the novel, it’s hinted that he finds most of the older people in the village irritating because they’re too obsessed with what everyone else is doing (or not doing). He’s at least polite to people he’s not close to.

Tohru can also seem like something of a pushover at times, as he tends to go with the path of least resistance in any situation when faced with a choice. He has his opinions, of course, but he doesn’t often voice them if they conflict with the opinions of others. He’s quick to break up arguments between other people, either by physically putting himself in between those arguing or by attempting to distract the arguing parties with a different topic of discussion or jokes. He tends not to get involved directly in the arguments, however, preferring to remain neutral. In a way, this makes it easier for him to keep an optimistic outlook on life. It also makes him seem somewhat oblivious to problems, even though he’s really not.

Despite this, he doesn’t like making decisions that end up bad for others, or even for himself. Especially after his death, when he’s forced to choose between attacking Natsuno or having his entire family killed, and when he’s eventually forced to kill more people just to survive. Both scenarios upset him to the point of crying, as does an instance where the girl he likes chooses to die instead of kill others. Much of the time, he ends up forced into making the decisions, upsetting him even further.

As of his canon point (which is actually the scenario mentioned above), he's far less cheerful, as he feels extremely guilty about attacking his friend and extremely unhappy about being made to do it in the first place. So his attitude going into the game won't quite match his personality description.

5-10 Key Character Traits: Naive, friendly, stubborn, weaker-willed, cheerful, polite, optimistic, slacker

Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, or EITHER? Fits!

Opt-Outs: Demon, Goblin, Wendigo, Nymph, Faerie, Gargoyle (because of Luke)

Roleplay Sample: Post from High Seas plus a Ryslig Test Drive thread


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